How to Pick Out the Perfect Glasses for You

Last week I wrote a post about reorganizing my life a bit, and one of the first things I did is schedule an appointment to get new glasses. My current glasses were old and out of style. I have been saying for months that I needed new glasses so I did just that. I don’t know about anyone else, but for some reason picking out glasses fills me with anxiety. I am not the kind of person who owns multiple pairs of glasses, and the pressure to pick the right frames always has me a bit frantic.

Below I listed some of my tips for picking out the right glasses for you.

Have an Idea of What You Like

If you’ve ever been to a glasses store, you know that there are literally hundreds of options to choose from and the quest for new frames can be overwhelming. With that being said, I do suggest having at least an idea of what kind of frames you like. If you like dark, thick frames that make you look like Buddy Holly, try on some pairs like that! (And absolutely no judgement with the whole “Buddy-Holly comment. My last glasses literally looks like Holly’s iconic glasses and I loved them for a long time!) If you know you like thin wire frames like Padma Lakshmi dons, try those on! Having at least an idea of what you prefer can make the process easier.

…But Still Keep an Opened Mind

Okay, this point probably seems like it contradicts the first and in a way it totally does. However, glasses stores and optometry offices have professionals working there for a reason. Sometimes one of the employees knows what frames suit your face shape best and it’s a style you would never have considered. When I went in last week to look at frames I had a very clear image of what I wanted: thinner, tortoiseshell glasses that looked sleek and thinned my face out. I must have tried on about ten pairs and realized that this wasn’t what I wanted. One of the employees pointed me into a totally different direction and I wound up getting those instead! I wound up getting these Tiffany frames. They are a light shade of pink, translucent, very feminine, and super cute. They are also something I would never have tried on by myself and I am so glad I did.

Keep Face Shape in Mind

A pair of round frames will look different on round, diamond-shaped, or long-shaped faces. This is also true for all of the other face shapes out there. Don’t try to force a pair of glasses onto your face that don’t compliment your shape or cheekbone structure. Pinterest has some very helpful diagrams!

Have A Budget

I think this is very important when picking out frames. Some glasses are cheap, some are reasonably priced, and some are outrageously expensive. Avoid trying on a pair that is out of your budget. With that being said, have your insurance in order and know what is covered! Some insurance plans cover the cost of frames, or even a part of the cost. You can wind up snagging a great pair for free or at a steep discount and who doesn’t love that?

Wear Makeup and Fix Your Hair

This is a rule I also keep if I am going to try on clothes to buy. If you do not think that you look good, nothing will look good to you. Think of it this way: can a bride-to-be truly see how good or bad a potential wedding dress looks if her hair is not done? You need to see the whole look in action! And no, I am not suggesting that everyone should pay to have their hair and makeup done to go pick out glasses. Rather, maybe curl your own hair and make sure you wear some lipstick.

Lifestyle Matters

I think it is also important to have a clear understanding of what you need in a pair of glasses. Are you one of those people who do not usually wear glasses and opt for contact lenses instead? Are you a gamer or do you sit in front of a screen all day at an office? Maybe you’re a mom of four kiddos who love to tear your glasses off your face when you hold them (my kid started doing this recently, too). Different glasses are designed for different uses and it would be beneficial to go in knowing exactly what you may be looking for.

Personality Matters, Too

Are you bold? Or more of the strong silent type? Are you energetic? Or more relaxed? I think this is important because you won’t really be happy if you pick frames that don’t match your personality and force you to go out of your comfort zone. For instance, have you ever seen Ali Wong’s glasses? They are bold, loud, and energetic. It works for Wong because she is also bold, loud, and energetic! If she came out onto stage in Harry Potter-looking glasses, I think it would miss the mark. Your glasses should not be any different! Have fun, and try to find frames that match your personality type.

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