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Where to Find the Best Wrapping Paper for the Holidays

I am obsessed with holiday wrapping paper. This probably sounds super weird, but hear me out: wrapping paper is like an extension of one’s entire aesthetic and reflects one’s personality. I do not begin celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but I do get started on finding my wrapping paper early. Halloween was a little over two weeks ago and I am already on the hunt! So, here is my list on where to find the best wrapping paper for the holidays:

Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. has some of the most beautiful and creative wrapping paper prints I have ever seen. The Poinsettia Wrapping Paper is one of my favorites this season. Rifle Paper Co. also has creative gift bags, gift tags, ribbons, etc. (Also, if you’re on their website, look around a bit at their other products. Everything on their site is just so beautiful!)


Target is like good old faithful. Whenever I need something and I cannot find it, Target seems to have it on the shelves! I love Target’s wrapping paper selection for kids especially. This Christmas dinosaur paper is so cute! Another thing I really like about Target is the fact that you can either order what you need online, or just pick it up in the store.


I love Zazzle and find their products to always be unique and creative. (I usually order my invitations and cards from Zazzle!) Zazzle’s holiday wrapping paper is no exception. They sell hilarious customizable paper, and also more classic and traditional paper. This Pinecone and Greenery Wrapping Paper is also one of my favorites this year. They also have super stylish Hanukkah wrapping paper like this blue tiled print.

The other awesome thing about Zazzle is that they are usually having an online sale. Keep an eye out for their great deals.


Minted is another brand that has super cute and unique paper for the holidays. I really love their Festive Branches print, as well as the Sledding Scene one.

T.J. Maxx & Marshalls

I have to be honest — I usually find my wrapping paper at T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. It is so convenient to find what I am looking for right in a store. Plus, the prices are awesome and everything is usually quirky and different. They also usually have everything that you’re looking for, too. Wrapping paper, tags, ribbon, etc., are all there together. I love that convenience! /

So, that’s where to find the best wrapping paper for the holidays! (In my opinion…) Turn on some Christmas music, make a cocktail, and enjoy the beginning of the season.

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