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Reindeer Food Recipe

Christmastime is busy. Between shopping, cooking, wrapping presents and attending parties, baking and coming up with creative desserts can become an added stressor. When you’re running out of ideas (and time) for a party treat, having a quick backup plan may seem impossible. But never fear! Reindeer food is quick, cheap, pretty, and darn tasty. My mom has been making it since I was little, and I decided to share the recipe.

Ingredients for reindeer food:

That’s it!

First, melt the stick of butter on low. Make sure the flame is low, because butter burns very quickly. Next, add the cup of peanut butter and the entire bag of chocolate chips. (Tip: spray the measuring cup with cooking spray and the peanut butter will come out of the cup easier!) Mix the butter, peanut butter, and chocolate chips until completely melted together. Once melted, add the entire box of rice Chex cereal and mix. Be gentle because rice cereal is super delicate and will break easily.

Once the cereal is completely coated, add the mixture to a large brown paper bag. You can get the bag at any local grocery store. Just ask the cashier as you’re leaving. Once the cereal is in the bag, add the pound of powdered sugar. Roll the top of the bag, and shake away! Just keep going.

Once the cereal is coated in the powdered sugar, empty the bag into whatever container you’re using. For garnish, add red and green peanut M&M’s to the mix.

I also like to give little jars of it along with Christmas presents. I add the reindeer food to a mason jar and leave about an inch free on top. Then I fill it to the top with the peanut M&M’s. I put the lid on, and tie a bow around. Cute. Easy. Done.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. As always, feel free to email me at with questions, comments, or recommendations.

Merry Christmas!

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