Gift Guide: For the Girly Girl

It’s finally holiday season! With all the news of shipment delays and gift shortages, I’ve been working to get everyone on my Christmas list checked off as soon as possible. I have a few girly girls on my list, and I thought I would share some gift ideas for them with y’all!

Gifts for the Girly Girls

  1. Mini Makeup Kits
  2. Custom Phone Case
    • If you know me in real life, you know I love my monograms. I am all about customization, and I am obsessed with these customized phone cases! (Okay, my sister’s name happens to be “Olivia,” and when I saw this I immediately thought of her, haha…) Either way, I think that these phone cases are just so cute, so personal, and I love the delicate color here. This is a great gift for a girly girl.
  3. Sunglasses
    • I adore the cooler months, but summer is just around the corner! Sunglasses are a great gift because I think people are less likely to buy them for themselves. (Okay, maybe this is just me?) Either way, these Rag & Bone sunglasses from Nordstrom are giving me major Chanel Oberlin vibes and I am obsessed.
  4. Cozy Socks
    • As a general rule of thumb, I have this habit of getting everyone on my Christmas list socks. (Like, even my dad…) I know that there is this running joke that somehow socks are the worst Christmas gift, but I love getting socks and everyone can use a new pair. These super cozy UGG socks are perfect for winter, and I love this shade of pink!
  5. Pom Pom Hat
    • …and those UGG socks go perfectly with this UGG pom pom beanie! This beanie also looks super cozy and is perfect for the winter months.
  6. French Press
    • There is just something so special about making fresh coffee with a French Press. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s easy and the coffee is delicious. This French Press from Wayfair is so cute! I love the gold and pink combination, and it’s perfect for sharing a cup of coffee with a friend. (Pro-tip: pair the French Press with this coffee mug for a cute gift combo!)
  7. Candles
  8. Slippers
    • If you’re against getting someone socks for Christmas, slippers are an awesome alternative. I love these Jessica Simpson plush sliders from Target. Not only do they look super cozy and sweet, I love that they are open-toed. They’re perfect for post-pedicure coziness!
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