My Review of Thrive Causemetics

If you’re a woman on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, or any other social media platform and have not heard of Thrive Causemetics yet I am amazed.

For weeks I saw advertisement after advertisement for products from Thrive Causemetics on Tik Tok and I just had to give some of the makeup a try. I am a sucker for makeup that looks easy to apply, and the stick-like applicator of most of their products caught my attention immediately. Additionally, the color selections looked awesome.

I tried out two products on my first order:

1. The Brilliant Eye Brightener

So, this was product that I really wanted to try and that I kept seeing online. It looked super awesome and the reviews were stellar. The Brilliant Eye Brightener is a cream-to-powder highlighter stick that can be used in the corners of your eyes, as eye shadow, and even as a regular highlighter for your cheeks and nose, etc.

I ordered mine in the Callie color, which is a warm and shimmery taupe. Overall, I am obsessed with this product. Not only is the color amazing, but it really does stay on all day. I have to be honest: I’m actually surprised by how long-lasting it is because of how gently it applies. It also blends really well and is very easy to use. This is definitely a product I would recommend to anyone who wants an easy and quick (yet beautiful!) morning makeup routine. The Brilliant Eye Brightener really elevates the entire daily look.

I would 100% order the Callie color again, but I also want to try out the Stella and Gia! (That’s the other cool thing: there are so many colors to choose from!)

2. The Triple Threat Color Stick

Okay, I have to be honest: I hate paying for shipping. I will intentionally order more things than I need on a website just to avoid the shipping.

…and that’s why I now have the Triple Threat Color Stick! I was in the market for a new blush so I checked out what Thrive Causemetics had to offer. I actually prefer a rouge/color stick and so I was excited when I saw that they offered one. (Rouge sticks remind me of doing my makeup with my grandma when I was little so it’s kind of sentimental to me! Haha…) I ordered the Triple Threat Color Stick in the color Dionne, which is a darker and shimmery red. Personally, I like when blush really pops on the face.

I love this product. Plain and simple.

Not only does it last all day, but the applicator also has a built-in blender brush that works amazingly. Plus, a little bit goes a long way! I just have to use one or two dabs and I am good to go. This is another product perfect for an easy and quick makeup routine.

I really love the Dionne color I purchased, but next time I might try something more pinky like the Isabella or the Olivia. The nice thing, though, is that the Dionne color also looks great as a lipstick.


Both the Brilliant Eye Brightener and the Triple Threat Color Stick will be staples in my makeup routine going forward. I absolutely love how easy and quick these products are to apply, plus they are so beautiful and give an elevated look to everyday makeup.

I really do recommend these products to everyone looking to change up their makeup routine!

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