Amazon Stocking Stuffers for Her Under $10

Time for a quick back story: my family never did stockings at Christmas. For some reason our stockings growing up were only for show. They were never a part of our Christmas tradition. My mother neatly hung them up on the fireplace mantle every year and we admired them as decoration.

…and then my husband and I met, started dating and celebrating holidays together, and his family loves the stocking tradition. I remember the first Christmas we spent together and now confused I was that I got a stocking with gifts inside! Even funnier than that, last Christmas my in-laws made my sister a stocking and she, too, was confused and excited. Now we also have stockings as one of our traditions and they are so much fun! I love finding little things for everyone to pack into the stocking. It’s like a glorified Christmas goodie bag!

With all of that being said, I decided to share some of my favorite Amazon stocking stuffer finds for her that are $10 or less! The stocking tradition is supposed to be fun; it shouldn’t break the bank.

I plan on doing more stocking gift guides, so stay tuned!

Stocking Stuffers for Her

Beauty Blender Set, $8.99

I don’t know about anyone else, but for some reason I am always losing these. Having a few extra of these babies around can make a world of difference. These are an Amazon best seller and ones that I, personally, would love! (Hint, hubby!)

Monogrammed Wine Cork, $8.88

I am always either losing wine corks or accidentally puncturing through them while uncorking a bottle. I love receiving these. These are a good gift for one who entertains often or is a wine drinker! You can find them here.

Lip Balm, $9.57

I love Burt’s Bees lip balm! I think Burt’s Bees is the absolute best and I always have a stick in my bag, car, etc. These are an awesome stocking stuffer and I love this specific pack because it has multiple sticks. Whoever you give it to can keep one in a whole bunch of different places.

Hempz Mini Lotion Bottle, $4.65

Hempz is another one of my favorite brands and I love the mini bottles. We travel often and I love having travel sized versions of my favorite toiletries on hand for trips. (Plus, these mini bottles are perfect for any expecting mamas! I packed these in my hospital bag.) Find them here!

Scrunchie Pack, $7.99

Not only are scrunchies in style right now, but they are much more comfortable than regular hairbands and don’t put a crease in your hair. I love these velvet scrunchies! They are super cute, pink, and priced right.

Loofah Set, $3.99

Loofahs are another thing that I think are good to have on hand. First off, you’re supposed to change them often. Secondly, I like having a fresh one to offer to guests who are staying over. I also think these colors are super cute! Find these here.

Pearl Headband, $7.82

I recently wore one of these headbands in a picture for a another blog post and so many people reached out on Instagram asking where I got the headband! I love these pearl headbands and have one in black and one in light pink. I just think they are so cute, feminine, and have the ability to save the day on a bad hair day! You can find them here.

Meal Planner and Grocery List Magnetic Notepad, $7.99

I think that these are just so cute! (Not to mention super helpful and useful!) I love that the grocery list is right on the page with the meal planning list, and can be placed right on refrigerator. You can find these here.

French Rolling Pin, $7.99

This stocking stuffer is more for the cook/baker in your life. As someone who bakes quite often, I would love to receive a gift like this rolling pin. I am also a fan of the French rolling pin because it is longer and is more comfortable on my hands while I bake. You can find it here.

Facial Makeup Headbands, $8.99

I use one of these every single day when either putting on my makeup or washing my face, etc. They really do keep all your hair back and are so cute! I love this pack because it includes six headbands for a really awesome price. You can find them here.

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