Amazon Stocking Stuffers for the Baby & Toddler Under $10

I recently published a stocking stuffer guide for her and for him and I thought that a Part III for babies and toddlers would be a helpful addition to my gift guides. I have to be honest: before having a kid I would have no idea what to pick up for a baby or toddler as a gift and I was always looking for gift guides like this one to point me in the right direction. So, here it is!

*A quick note: Some of these stocking stuffers for babies and toddlers will be more helpful to moms. These are gifts for babies, but one’s that may help mom along the way.

Stocking Stuffers for the Baby & Toddler

Fridababy Vapor Wipes, $4.84

These vapor wipes by Fridababy are amazing! I have to be honest, I have never used a product by Fridababy or Fridamom that I did not like, and this is one of my favorites. I love that the wipes come in a pouch that I can take with me right in my diaper bag. The wipes themselves are not harsh, filled with nasty chemicals, and are super soft. You can find these vapor wipes here. (And if you really love these wipes, check out these Fridababy vapor bath bombs and these Fridababy vapor bath drops.)

Kid’s Christmas Movie Collection, $9.00

Okay, I own this collection (for myself!) and I still watch these movies every single year. Who doesn’t love Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town? I love that these movies can be enjoyed by both adults and kids together. You can find this collection here.

Pacifier Clips, $9.99

These BooginHead Pacifier clips were my absolute favorite to use when our son was still using a pacifier. His pacifier never fell off of him, and the clips gripped perfectly to his clothes without ruining them. I know this probably makes me sound paranoid, but I also love that these pacifier clips are in one piece. Don’t get me wrong, I think the cutesy ones with multicolored chews attached are adorable. However, I always have a fear of any small pieces being too close to a baby’s mouth. (I do want to reiterate: I even owned the cutesy pacifier clips! But these were my favorite and I was never worried.)

Baby Bum Brush, $6.99

This is one of the greatest inventions ever. First off, this bum brush is made of silicon and is super easy to clean. Secondly, I love that I do not have to touch anyone’s butt, haha! I don’t even care if that sounds cruel. Of course I would always put diaper rash cream on my baby’s bum, but this just makes the whole experience a lot easier.

Rattle, $2.88

The last few stocking stuffers were defiantly geared more towards mom, so I figured it was time to throw in something for baby! Our son loved these Bright Starts rattles and we even had a spare in the car! They’re really the perfect size for small hands and fit in any bag you’re leaving the house with.

Bath Letters and Numbers, $4.48

I don’t think that kids could ever have too many bath toys. Toys keep them preoccupied while their hair is being cruelly shampooed, haha! These bath letters and numbers stick to the wall when wet, are made with non-toxic foam, and are somewhat educational. (Personally, I like that these are bath toys that my son can’t drink out of.)

Puzzles, $9.99

Puzzles are good brain-building toys and I love including a few of these kinds of activities as gifts. I really like this Melissa & Doug puzzle because it is very colorful and eye-catching, especially for little kids.

Board Book, $4.99

Eric Carle is a classic children’s book author and I think it is wonderful to contribute to a child’s growing library! Plus, reading books at night is a food family activity. You can find this children’s book here.

Toy Straps, $7.79

You know how I said that the Bum Brush (above) was the greatest invention ever? Okay, I take that back. These toy straps are the greatest invention of all time. I do not know about anyone else’s kid, but my son throws all of his toys right on the ground. These toy straps prevent me from running around restaurants collecting his toys and I highly recommend these for all parents to have!

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