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MiaMily Baby Carrier Review

Allow me to preface this review by saying one thing first: I have tried many different baby carriers since my son was born. This review compares the Miamily Hipster Plus baby carrier to about four other popular baby carriers and slings on the market.

In short, I would highly recommend the Miamily Hipster Plus to any parent for a variety of reasons. I was so excited to find another baby carrier to try after having many and being disappointed. The other carriers I had were either confusing to use, difficult to put on, did not feel sturdy, or were, frankly, unstylish. The colors often did not transfer well between mom and dad, and did not match any outfit unless purposely planned. I also felt that the other carriers I used were not supportive enough and if you’re like us with a big baby who turned into an even bigger toddler, support for the back and shoulders is essential.

My favorite thing about the Miamily Hipster Plus is probably the safety of the product. While wearing the carrier I never worried that my son would fall out. He was strapped to me completely. With a few of the slings that I had tried previously, I was so nervous to wear him in them! It felt like he was just thrown into the sling and could fall out at any time. I also love that the Hipster Plus could be worn in the front or the back, making the product great for growing kids. When our son was a bit smaller, I wore him in the front. As he became larger and grew, I just threw him on my back. My husband feels the same way about the safety, as does anyone else who tried it!

With all that being said in regard to safety, the support is excellent. The Hipster Plus wraps around the waste and thus the child is supported by the hips as opposed to the back. It is brilliant. A second strap is connected at the top by the shoulders, making the sturdiness solid. The straps are thicker and does not strain the shoulders, either. It is comfortable and not painful, even after taking it off.

Secondly, I love the colors of the Hipster Plus. It comes in a variety of grey colors and a dark blue shade. I think the minimalism in color scheme is great because the product can be worn by both moms and dads. It is not overly feminine or masculine and as a family we only need one carrier. The limited neutral colors also allows the Hipster Plus to be worn with anything.

Lastly, I love that the Hipster Plus can be worn with both babies and toddlers. When I first came across this product by Miamily, I was so sad because our son was almost a year old. I thought to myself, He will never fit in this. I am going to have to wait for the next baby to try it. However, I soon learned that the Hipster Plus can support children up to 48 months of age! I mean, how cool is that?

Overall, I loved this product and will definitely use the Miamily Hipster Plus with all of my future children. I would also recommend this product to any parent who is looking for a new baby carrier.

If you are interested in trying a product by Miamily, use my code “ACL15” at for 15% off your purchase! Let me know how you like the carrier!

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