Check Out the Big Brain on Baby: A Review of Cerebelly Baby Food

After a recommendation from a friend who runs an Instagram dedicated to healthy eating, we decided to check out Cerebelly baby food. I am always interested in checking out new baby products and absolutely love reviewing them for my followers. As for Cerebelly, I would absolutely recommend these products!

When first I browsed their website and Instagram, I was immediately struck by the professionalism of the individuals featured in promoting the food. One such individual was Dr. Theresa Purzner: a neurosurgeon, neurobiologist, and mama. After her first child was born, she searched for baby foods that would promote healthy brain development for growing children. As a doctor who studied the human brain, she knew exactly what foods to look for. However, she quickly became disappointed with the options available on shelves and decided to take charge.

Cerebelly is a baby food company that prides itself on creating delicious foods for younger children that specifically target brain development. I think this is my favorite aspect of Cerebelly. As parents we are constantly worrying about what television shows our children watch, what puzzles they should attempt, what toys they should play with, etc., all with the goal of brain development. Despite all of this, we never talk about food for brain development and I am happy that at least one company is targeting this very important aspect of pediatric health. As Cerebelly mentions in their booklet, “In the first three years, your baby’s brain is developing in ways that will never come around again. The foundations of seeing, hearing, memory, cause and effect, attention, social awareness, and much more are all laid down during this time.” The brain of a baby doubles in size during their first year of life! As parents, we are always concerned about development. Paying attention to what our children are eating for development seems just as important as worrying about what shows and puzzles they are entertaining themselves with.

I also really like that Cerebelly pays attention to what the developing brain needs in stages. If you’re buying Cerebelly in stores, in addition to singular pouches, they come in packages designated per stage. Different boxes are designed for babies who are between 5-7 months, 8-9 months, 10-11 months, and even 11+ months. That’s super smart in my opinion! Online, if parents decides to subscribe, they are encouraged to participate in a quick online survey that determines which foods will be beneficial to each child depending on their present stage.

My second favorite thing abut Cerebelly are the options. The flavors are quite unique and so far our little guy loves everything he has tried! His favorite so far is the white bean-pumpkin-apple. His second favorites are the black bean-sweet potato, and the sweet potato-mango. Other flavors Cerebelly features are spinach-apple-sweet potato, broccoli-pear, butternut squash-white bean, pea-basil, and even carrot-chick pea.

Along with flavors and brain developing nutrients, Cerebelly’s products are always organic, non-GMO, packed with veggies, and chock-full of powerful nutrients such as vitamin D, calcium, iron, potassium, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B, folate, vitamin B-12, iodine, zinc, selenium, copper, and choline.

In regards to the packaging (which is actually super beautiful), I love that this baby food comes in pouches. I always feel like we are on-the-go and pouches are just so easy to throw into my bag. I can either squeeze the contents of the pouches on a spoon and feed our son, or he can eat them himself. I also love that the packages are BPA-free and recyclable through TerraCycle.

Lastly, the company is so nice to clients. Through our email exchanges, the representatives were kind, considerate, willing to answer any and all questions, and even immediate in their responses. Cerebelly graciously sent me trial pouches to share with my followers along with tote bags, gardening bags, booklets about the products, etc. From what I can tell, those at Cerebelly genuinely enjoy what they do and believe in their mission of good and healthy food for developing brains.

I feel like this entire post was just me talking about how much I enjoyed Cerebelly’s products. I literally do not have one negative critique that would prevent me from purchasing these products in the future. The only thing I can say remark upon is the price per pouch, which can be kind of pricey. However, in comparison to the other organic options out there, it’s pretty standard.

Overall, I just feel like Cerebelly is good and wholesome food that is created by a company that has the client’s needs in the forefront. If you’re looking for more options for your baby or toddler, I highly recommend Cerebelly!

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