FabFitFun: An Honest Review

I first heard of FabFitFun boxes about two or three years ago from one of my friends who implored me to subscribe. I always saw fun posts on Instagram, and all of the featured products looked amazing. So, years later, I decided to give it a try and my first box arrived on my doorstep yesterday afternoon.


In general, I was pleased with my order. The box arrived only about a week or two after I ordered it, the packaging was very pretty and feminine, and the overall quality of the products looked promising. I received:

My favorite items are probably the Donni. ribbed sweater coat (so cozy!), the Amber Sceats double coin necklace, and the IGK Expensive hair care. I think the amazing thing about this order box is that it only cost me $42.62, and the contents of the box were worth $325.99. I mean, that is insane! All of these products are top of the line, and they are all awesome. Not to mention, all of these products are stylish, which is a reason I love subscriptions. These are all hot products that are popular right now, and I love that. I like knowing what is in style, and trends to follow.



My only critique of FabFitFun is that when I ordered the box, many of the choosable options were sold out already. When you first begin ordering the box, you’re allowed to choose 2-3 items. One of the items that looked great was the Tarte Tartiest Pro Glow Highlighter & Contour Palette. I understand that I may have been too late to the game or something, but from a consumer standpoint, seeing options that are no longer available yet appealing is rather deterring. I mean, I wound up receiving awesome products nonetheless! But to see what I could have gotten if the options were still available made me question the worth of the product.

However, I was glad with my order overall. I really enjoy the products I have received, and I will definitely try FabFitFun again!

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