My Favorite Places to Shop for Baby Gear

If you have a child or know anything about babies, you know there are tons of products out there for parents. There are so many different baby and childcare companies that specialize in different things and sometimes (most of the time) it is hard to decide what to try next.

Personally, I think it is important to shop everywhere and try new things. I recently wrote two posts, My Favorite Baby Gear and My Least Favorite Baby Gear, and if you read them you’ll know I was surprised about what I needed and didn’t need, or liked and didn’t like using. Below I put together a list of my favorite places to shop for baby gear.

Buy Buy Baby is like the Bed Bath & Beyond of baby gear. This shouldn’t be surprising as they are sister companies. Seriously, walking into a Buy Buy Baby is akin to walking into Baby Land. They have everything, and online has even more. My mind was blown the first time I stepped foot in the store. I know that probably sounds insane, but I didn’t realize how many different kinds of bottles or strollers or bathtubs existed.

My husband and I created our registry at Buy Buy Baby for a couple of reasons. The first being, as stated above, they have everything right there. We went and within two hours picked out a stroller, nursery set, bottles, gadgets, toys, and just about everything else a new mom thinks she needs. And, again, what they didn’t have in store I just added online to my registry.

We also chose Buy Buy Baby for our registry because as a sister company to Bed Bath & Beyond, customers can use 20% off coupons on most products. If you’re purchasing something like the Owlet Smart Sock, 20% off is a huge price difference. Buy Buy Baby was very convenient, quick, and has great deals.

As some Greek guy once said, there is a universal form of the millennial mom. (That was Plato, right?) Picture her: she has a Starbucks latte, wavy Hallmark-Christmas-movie hair, a stroller she carefully picked out to be both convenient and stylish, a large purse undoubtedly filled with baby wipes and toys, skinny jeans or yoga pants, and very good sneakers or flats. Oh, and she spends her free time in Target. We all know this woman.

I have always loved Target. They are a one-stop shop for food, clothing and accessories, home cleaning supplies, toiletries, and just about anything else.

…and then I had a baby, and Target became so much more. *cue the uplifting music*

First off, Target is about 5 minutes away from my house and is thus super convenient when I need something. Baby Daniel gave his last pacifier to the family dog? Target run. We are running low on formula? Target run. Dang, am I really out of jared greens already? Target run. I really could use a new brain building toy. Target run.

…and while I am there I cab grab a coffee, some quick things I need to make dinner, a pack of boxers for my husband, the Thayers face toner I am running low on, and something cute from Magnolia Home that I definitely need (but not really need, yanno?). Target just has everything that you need for the immediacy of life.

Secondly, Target is always running deals on baby gear. Just this past week if you spent $100 on baby food, toiletries, diapers, or wipes you received a $20 Target gift card. $100 seems like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, diapers are expensive anyway. They also sometimes run deals on formula. When they have these deals, I stock my pantry and diaper bag. They will be used eventually, and in the meantime I get a gift card for future baby purchases.

…or Starbucks.

There are times when leaving the house with a baby is not an option. Maybe he got shots yesterday and is not feeling well, or has a bit of a cold. Maybe it is snowing and you don’t want to take him out, or you’re just really tired because he was up all night teething. Whatever the case may be, Amazon has your back.

First, Amazon has basically everything. You can load up your online shopping cart from the comfort of your bed while sipping your coffee once the baby is napping. Secondly, if you have Prime, it can be delivered the next day!

As I stated above, I like to shop everywhere. If there are places you prefer to shop for baby gear, let me know what they are!




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