My Favorite Baby Gear

When I went to register for my baby shower I had no idea what I didn’t really need, and what I definitely did need. I’m a first-time mom so I guess that’s to be expected. In an attempt to help other first-time moms, I’ve compiled a small list of things I definitely needed, use almost every day, and absolutely love.

The mamaRoo by 4moms was not on my registry. I went out and purchased it myself about a week after he was born. He loves being rocked and for practical reasons it’s difficult to constantly hold a new baby. The mamaRoo has multiple different settings and speeds and even plays music. The running joke in our house is that I would have paid $1,000 for this seat. Daniel Jr. absolutely loves it. Although, I have heard from friends of mine that some of their children did not like this seat. All babies are different, but this seat worked great for us.

I originally only used the Dapple dish and bottle soap. It’s safe, non-toxic, and smells great. It also seems to get all the formula film out of the bottles super well. After the soap I tried the Dapple all purpose wipes and loved them too. They clean everything so well from his toys to highchair. After the soap and wipes, we tried their bath products and love those, too! They are also all natural and plant-based and smell awesome.

Babies are supposed to be swaddled when put to sleep. That’s great, except Daniel Jr. rolled over while in the hospital. From about the day he was born (literally) he was able to roll over. I was paranoid that swaddling him would make it impossible for him to roll himself back over so our pediatrician recommended the SleepSack. We use the SleepSack that allows his arms to be free because he can roll. They come in regular and fleece depending on the temperature. I love the SleepSack. He can roll over and back, his arms are free, they are warm and cozy, and he can’t unravel himself in the middle of the night like in a swaddle.

Okay, for real the first time I heard about this wacky invention I was completely grossed out. Why on Earth would anyone want to suck boogers out of someone else’s nose? (Even if it is your own baby!) Then I learned how the Snotsucker worked and it’s now one of my favorite baby items I own. Yes, you do suck the snot out of your baby’s nose. But there is a sponge that catches anything that comes out of his nose. What I really like about the Snotsucker is that you can control the air pressure as you suck. It really does help with decongesting. This was another item recommended by our pediatrician.

Bassinets were another thing I was paranoid about. I kept hearing horror stories about sleeping babies, soft mattresses, etc. It just felt safer. I love how the sides are netted to make for easier breathing and how hard the bottom is. Plus, it hooks right to the bed! Although this might seem like an inconvenience, I loved having the baby right next to me all night. Not only was I able to keep an eye on him all night, but when he was still waking for night feedings I would just pull him into bed with me. There wasn’t any travel involved. Also, whenever his pacifier would fall out or he’d fuss I’d be right there to calm him down. I love this bassinet and highly recommend considering one.

Again, all babies are different and what works for one may not work for the next. These were/are some of my favorite items that we use daily or almost daily. There were a lot of things that Daniel Jr. didn’t like or that we just didn’t use. He was not a fan of the traditional swing or the Boppy Pillow.

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