Recipe for Fire Cider

The ingredients for my recipe for fire cider can be found at any grocery store!

Cold and flu (and just about everything else!) season is in full swing over at my house. I have to admit, though: I’m not surprised. I work in a school, my son is in preschool, and we’re constantly around friends and family. As always, I was looking for more natural solutions to remedy some of the ill-feelings we’re experiencing around here and I came across a recipe for fire cider during my research.

If you know me, you know that while I am a huge fan of modern medicine, I do look for natural remedies when I can and fire cider caught my eye. Not only did I have most of the ingredients right in my cabinet, but apple cider is also in my 2023 reset kit and I was pretty stoked.

So, what is fire cider? It’s a folk remedy used by many to help alleviate symptoms of common colds and flues with its immune-boosting properties. Plus, it’s supposed to help with digestion. The ingredients of the remedy are all famous for this, from the apple cider vinegar, to the fresh ginger, to even the garlic.

With all of that being said, I decided to give it a try. I have seen people online swear by fire cider! I made a batch yesterday and will be able to try it in two weeks after straining the tonic and adding honey. I will write a follow-up post about my thoughts! Without further ado, here is my recipe for fire cider:

Ingredients for Fire Cider


Add the grated ginger and horseradish root, garlic, rosemary, jalapeño, lemon, orange, and cayenne pepper to a large Mason jar. Add the apple cider vinegar to the jar until all the dry ingredients are covered. Seal the jar and shake well. Put the jar into the refrigerator for two weeks.

After two weeks, strain the fire cider. Add the honey and stir until completely combined.

And that’s it! Again, I will write an update in two weeks when I can finally try this tonic for myself! Let me know if you try this (or another) recipe for fire cider and how you like it.

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