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Breaking News: Babies Cry

Breaking News: Babies Cry

Have you heard the latest news? That babies cry? Now I know what you’re all thinking: How can this be? Are you sure? Do we have evidence to support these claims? I assure you: we do have the facts straight. And while your mind is being blown, guess what? Mothers breastfeed, toddlers throw tantrums, children are loud sometimes, and teenagers can be a nightmare.

In case you didn’t catch my tone, my previous paragraph was obviously satirical. Crying is as natural to a baby as barking is to a dog. Until a child’s language is developed, crying is their language.

Adding to the list of social media trends I find abhorrent (see here and here for context), the latest trend of filming a child screaming on an airplane or in a restaurant while disgusted makes my list.

You have the right to a personal childless life and I completely support that decision for any person or couple, etc. Children are great (hence why I have a child and want more) but parenthood is not for everyone and that’s okay! In fact, I think the societal pressure placed on women to have children in order to be “real” women is terrible. No one wants Aunt Gertrude asking why you don’t have kids at the family reunion. It’s rude and overbearing.

However, while it is true that one has the right to a childless life, no one has the right to a childless world.

Children exist. Parents exist. Families exist. Without these cells, society in general would collapse. In a very basic way, without children, who leads the next generation? Society functions in a way that supports families because they are essential for survival.

No one is angry with anyone who decides to not have children (except Aunt Gertrude, obvi). No one should be angry at anyone for having children, either. I’m sorry if this news offends, but children and families are part of the larger community. Whether or not you like it, they’re here to stay.

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