Happiness is Not “Basic”

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I cannot even express how happy I have been the past few weeks now that is it officially (almost) fall. It might seem silly that the changing season can have such an impact on someone, but I really do just love the season. Not only am I an avid horror movie fan and this is the prime time of year for all things spooky, but in general I love all that autumn brings. I love the changing leaves, the hot cups of coffee and tea, pumpkins, the cooler air… It all just makes me so happy.

I know I’m not alone in these feelings, either. All of my social media feed pages are filled with pictures of pumpkin spice lattes, women styling their favorite new boots and sweaters, pots of stews and soups, families apple picking, etc. I think this time of year also excites people because it signifies the beginning of holiday season. Halloween is coming up which means that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are right around the corner, too.

However, you know what else I’ve been seeing on my social media pages? (And yes, if you’ve been following me for a while you know I have weary feelings about some social media trends.) I’ve been seeing many people mocking people who are “basic” and enjoy autumn and all that comes with the season. Pumpkin spice latte? How basic. Sweater weather? How basic. Soup season? How basic.

Do you know what’s not basic? Happiness.

Why is everyone so concerned with the things that make others happy? Why do some people feel the need to diminish someone’s else’s happiness or light in their lives? You know what I find “basic,” Chad? The way you scream at the television during football games and throw a tantrum if your team loses.

Actually, I’m kidding. I really don’t find your love for football “basic” because it brings you joy (even if I don’t understand it). If you’re a person who puts others down for their hobbies, you’re unkind. It’s really that simple.

Let people enjoy what they do. Another’s happiness or joy has no impact on your life.

Happy fall, y’all!

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