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Back-to-School Style with L’Amour

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s cooler outside today and I was actually able to enjoy a hot coffee which means fall is officially in the air! (It may or may not have been a pumpkin spice latte…)

With fall comes back-to-school season and I’ve spent the last few weeks preparing Daniel’s wardrobe for his return to the classroom. I actually love picking out baby and toddler clothes so this is one of my favorite parts of the new year. With all of that being said, I wanted to share one of my favorite new editions to his closet with everyone.

I have become obsessed with L’Amour shoes and love their traditional style for little boys and girls. I, personally, gravitate more towards classic pieces and try to dress my son the same way. Timeless pieces are “timeless” for a reason, and L’Amour just captures that essence so well.

We picked Daniel up these Tuck mid-top lace up shoes in the color cognac. They are so stylish and the perfect color for fall. They pair well with navy or tan pants, and even jeans. I am also in love with these traditional saddle shoes!

Also, I do not have a daughter but the selection for little girl’s shoes are amazing, too! I just can’t get over how cute, stylish, and classic all of these options are.

*Thank you to L’Amour for sponsoring this post

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