FabFitFun Fall Review

As always, FabFitFun did not disappoint and I am so excited to share my fall subscription box with you all!

What I Received…

Add Ons…


My favorite items in the box were definitely the FOXYBAE curling wand, the SOIA & KYO scarfigan, the Laundress crease release, and the Hythe sleep mist. The curling wand is excellent because it is a thicker barrel and I love how it makes my hair look. It also gets very hot very quickly so be careful! The scarfigan is absolutely beautiful and it the perfect shade of pink for a more feminine fall look. I think this scarfigan paired with brown boots would look great.

I love the crease release because I have actually never owned wrinkle release before… I am not lying! Even in college I brought a literal iron and ironing board with me to my dorm! I never thought that wrinkle release actually worked so I just never bothered. Once I discovered it in my box I obviously had to give it a go and not only does it work, but it is such a time saver!

The Hythe sleep mist is awesome, too, because it is so relaxing and smells beautiful. I am a huge fan of essential oils and scent therapy, etc., and I think that this pillow mist actually contributes to a calmer pre-bedtime environment. It has definitely became part of my bedtime routine!

I am also pretty excited about the JENNY BIRD pendant because I don’t actually own that much silver jewelry. Most of my jewelry is gold. I am glad to add it to my jewelry box.

So, all together I spend about $50 on the box and received over $444 dollars worth of products! This does not include my add-ons. However, in regards to the add-ons, how do I beat a Tarte eyeshadow palette for only $17? That is such an awesome deal! Plus, the colors are amazing for fall and winter.

Next season is my last box in my subscription. Needless to stay, I think I am definitely going to order another subscription come next year!

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