FabFitFun Summer Review

If you’ve been following along, you know that I tried FabFitFun for the first time last season and loved it! After receiving the FabFitFun spring box a few months ago I signed up immediately for the year and just received my summer box a few days ago. Yet again, I am super pleased with the box and all that I received!

This summer I received:

So, for $49.99, I received about $347 worth of stylish products. As I mentioned in my other post about FabFitFun, that is probably my favorite part about these seasonal boxes: I get products from new and hip companies!

My favorite product this summer is probably the Draper James Straw Bag with Floral Scarf because it is the perfect compliment to any summer outfit. Plus, it is not too big or too small. I always find that tote bags are either obnoxiously large to fit everything you’re taking to the beach, or too small and just statement bags. I am able to fit my wallet, keys, phone, touch-up makeup bag, and even a baby toy in there!

Another one of my favorite products from this seasons box is the Terre Mere Aloe and Tea Tree Toner. First off, the toner is very easy on the skin. I hate when a toner is harsh and burns. Secondly, I actually really like the bottle that the product comes in. That probably sounds like an odd critique, but the bottle is heavy and well-designed. It is a high-end product and the container shows.

Also, in addition to how awesome everything I received was, I found out that FabFitFun supports the Special Olympics! For those of you who do not know, we are huge supporters of the Special Olympics and my husband actually worked with them for years. When he brought me the FabFitFun package from outside and saw the Special Olympics sticker on the box, we was just as excited as I was. We are so happy to support this company!

Overall, I am once again very pleased with FabFitFun and cannot wait till next season’s box!

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