Finding Joy in Today’s World

I am a huge advocate of self-care. I think it is an important practice that everyone should take up in their lives, especially now during these very uncertain times. Self-care allows us to relax, refocus on what is truly important, and appreciate every day. Self-care is not always fun and can actually be painful. In fact, “good” self-care is often painful. What is sometimes best for us is not always what we want. Sure, junk food is more yummy than grilled chicken and sautéed kale, but what is truly better for us?

With that being said, sometimes self-care can also be making sure that we are at peace; that we are finding joy in everyday moments of life that make us feel good. Right now, this kind of self-care is extremely important. Yes, it is important to keep your agenda organized and eat right, but right now we just need little moment of happiness to get us through these days.

Below I listed 25 of my favorite ways to find joy in our current world. I would love to know how you, too, are finding joy in today’s world!

  1. Buy yourself flowers (Yes, you can buy yourself flowers!)
  2. Watch your favorite movie
  3. Bake something delicious (Have you tried my apple crisp recipe? It’s super easy.)
  4. Take a drive to the beach or through the country
  5. Start that new book you’ve been wanting to read
  6. Make yourself a cup of your favorite coffee (…and actually enjoy it before it gets cold)
  7. Take your dog for a walk
  8. Put on a face mask
  9. …and take a warm bubble bath!
  10. Listen to your favorite record
  11. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine
  12. Try a new recipe (Do you like shrimp scampi or chicken piccata?)
  13. Light a candle that reminds you of your favorite season or holiday
  14. Give yourself a pedicure and manicure
  15. Read a magazine that you enjoy
  16. Meditate
  17. Go for a run or long walk
  18. Have an indoor date-night with your partner
  19. Bake homemade bread
  20. Learn to make a new cocktail
  21. Re-arrange your bedroom furniture
  22. Add some essential oils to a diffuser and breathe deeply for a few minutes
  23. Stretch or take an online yoga class
  24. Have a FaceTime happy hour with your best friends
  25. Wake up and watch the sunrise


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