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Festive Apple Pie Designs

I love baking.

I love the smell of cookies baking, the warmth of the house when the oven is on, and even the tedious task of measuring out all of the ingredients. Something I really enjoy doing, also, is experimenting with baked goods. I particularly like designing pretty pie crusts.

If you’ve ever been in the abyss that is Pinterest, you’ve probably seen insane pie designs. Honestly I’ve never even attempted them because they’re so intricate. However, I do try fun and simple designs. They are pretty and nice to present to guests, and add a little something extra to your baking. Here are a few of my past ones:

Apple pie
Pumpkin pie

The braids are pretty easy to make if you just have a pizza cutter and patience. It’s important to try and get the strips to be equal in width and length. Then, simply braid the crust. For the apple pie I made the braids part of the lattice top. For the pumpkin pie I made the pie border the braid.

The leaves are also pretty easy. Instead of a pizza cutter grab a sharp small knife and trace leaf outlines. Your best bet is probably a pairing knife. Avoid knives such as butter knives because they’re just not sharp enough. If you have cookie cutters or stamps, even better. I cut the leaves by hand though and think it’s pretty easy.

Both of these designs are geared towards autumn, hence the leaves. For the Christmas season I tried making holly leaves and berries. Cutting them was the same generally, although the spiked leaves needed a bit more attention. I had some extra pie crust left over and also traced a Christmas bow.

Once you fill the pie, decorate it as you please. It’s actually pretty easy if you have the time!

Apple pie
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