Clams and Linguine

If you read my last post, you know that it’s Lent for us Catholics and that means meatless Fridays are on the horizon for the next few weeks. Our last meatless meal was Penne alla Vodka, and this week we made clams and linguine. This happens to be one of my favorite meals and I am excited to share my recipe here!


Directions for Clams and Linguine

Fill a large pot with water and begin heating the water to a boil.

In a separate large pan, sauté the olive oil, red pepper flakes, garlic, and shallots on low to medium heat until slightly translucent and very aromatic. (Don’t burn the garlic!) Add the parsley and lemon juice and combine well.

Add the wine and bring the sauce to a simmer. Add the butter.

Once melted and simmering, add the clams to the pan and cover with a lid.

In the meantime, cook your linguine pasta in the boiling water. Once cooked, drain and add the pasta to a large bowl.

By this point, the clams should be finished cooking. (They will naturally open when cooked all the way.) After the clams are finished, add them to the bowl with the pasta. Pour the remaining liquid over the pasta.

Enjoy with crusty bread and white wine!

Well, that’s it! I really love how easy this dish is to make, and it’s perfect for a meatless dinner. (Also, this is my favorite olive oil. I really think it makes a difference!) Clams and linguine is one of my favorite pescatarian options. Let me know what yours are!

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