The Phantom of the Opera

For Christmas this year, my husband bought me tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera before it leaves Broadway this coming April.

The Phantom of the Opera was the first Broadway show I saw live, and it was just as magnificent this time as it was all those years ago. It was also special that my husband was with me this time, and this was actually his first experience seeing it on the Broadway stage! (He loved it.)

I think about the fact that The Phantom is the longest running show in Broadway history and just how many people passed through the doors of the Majestic Theater to hear the haunting music of the night. Or, how many people were dazzled by the chandelier and enchanted by the costumes and set design. I love everything about this show, and I am sad to see it leaving.

I grew up listening to the music from The Phantom because my mother is an avid fan. I love that I experienced this show during various seasons of my life, from childhood through adulthood, and how different I see the show now than I did then. The first time I saw it live, my mom took me, my sister, and my best friend to see the show. We were just so excited. Now, I share this experience with my husband and still have those early memories to look back on.

I am glad I had the opportunity to see it one last time before its final performance, and I hope at some point the Phantom will return to haunt the Broadway stage. If you have the opportunity, I highly suggest seeing The Phantom of the Opera before it ends. If you have any interest, I will provide the link below for the tickets.

The Phantom of the Opera

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