Stop Hating New Year’s Resolutions

(On a side note, who else needs to buy flowers whenever they visit Trader Joe’s?)

If you saw my last post, you know I was very ready to start the new year. I planned out my year to the best of my ability, set goals for our family, stocked up on some wellness goodies, etc. For some, a new year means an opportunity to start fresh. Sometimes people need a set day to really kick-off new habits and rituals and I am actually one of those people. I know I am not alone, hence the purpose of New Year’s Resolutions. My social media has been flooded with wellness ads, organization tool ads, and even dieting ads for the new year. Many people are online talking about their new diets, new parenting goals, financial goals, etc., all in the hopes of accomplishing something grand in 2023.

In addition to all of this positivity for the new year, I’ve also been seeing a flood of negativity. More specifically, this negativity is directed towards people making New Year’s Resolutions.

I cannot even tell you all how many silly videos I’ve seen on Tik Tok of regular gym bros mocking new members in January. Guess the treadmills will all be taken now! Wow, these people don’t even know how to lift. Lol, is she wearing makeup to the gym? Or, how many anti-diet videos I’ve seen online. Diets don’t even work. You’ll give up by January 15th.

Why are so many people threatened by other’s potential goals and success? Shouldn’t we want the best for everyone?

If anyone has told you that your New Year’s Resolutions were silly, stupid, or unnecessary, I’ll be your cheerleader. I, for one, am proud of everyone who is trying to make a positive change in their lives this coming year.

Life is hard. I think the past few years have taught us this. No one needs anyone else’s negativity bringing them down. Plus, it’s an ugly look. I would rather fail at a thousand diets or wellness trends or habits than be the one laughing at the new guy in the gym.

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution for the haters: practice kindness. And mind your own business.

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