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Ending the Summer in Florida

While I am excited for autumn (as you all know by now), one last summer adventure was a necessity to close out the season! This past weekend we celebrated my friend’s upcoming wedding with a bachelorette bash in Hollywood, Florida, that was a total blast. Ending the summer in Florida was a great idea.

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida.

Not only is the entire hotel beautiful, but it genuinely felt like adult Disney Land, haha! There was something for everyone. Between the shops, the casino, the cabanas and pool areas, the night clubs, the restaurants, the spa, etc., everyone had a great time.

I think my favorite thing about the hotel, though, was its central location to everything. The hotel is technically in Hollywood, Florida, but only a stone’s throw away from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, etc. Plus, it’s only about a 15-minute drive to the airport.

What We Did

We spent most of the long weekend relaxing by the pool, exploring the resort, and eating yummy food, but we also took a day cruise through Miami which was amazing.

The Day Cruise

My favorite thing about the day cruise was that it was private and felt so personal. We were really able to celebrate our bride-to-be while listening to her favorite music, dancing, and laughing amongst ourselves. I also loved being able to see all of Miami as we sailed through. (Plus, the photo opportunities were A+.)

The Cabanas

Guys, if you ever have the opportunity to hang in a cabana while being served cucumber cocktails… I highly recommend it! We literally felt like movie stars, haha!

In all seriousness, though, it was an awesome experience and we were really able to enjoy just each other’s company.

The Food

Some of my favorite food highlights of the trip was our dinner at Cipresso at the hotel, and also the specialty infused ice cream shop at the hotel. We also stopped at little places here and there while on our travels, but I didn’t document everything because I was really just trying to enjoy the time.

That’s it, folks!

I know that this travel post is a lot shorter than some of my others, but I really just wanted to enjoy the weekend away with my girlfriends. Once again, ending the summer in Florida was a great idea and we made so many memories.

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