3 Ways I am Using My Day Designer This Summer

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been raving about my new Day Designer planner. I have used Day Designer since I was in high school and still genuinely believe that their planners are the absolute best. The planners are well organized, spacious, and even fun. (In fact, I once wrote a blog post that featured a Day Designer!)

In general, I have always been a person who plans out everything and makes to-do lists. When I was in school I was so busy with clubs, keeping up with grades, my social life, etc., and after college during my engagement I was so busy with wedding planning! After that, I became a mom and that was a whole new level of busy, and on top of that I went back to graduate school. Now I am a working mom who also handles a toddler’s school schedule, speech therapy, meal planning… the list goes on.

I’ve always felt that keeping a well-organized planner was like a secret weapon. If I mapped out my day properly, there was nothing I could not accomplish. Further, I really believe that the satisfaction of crossing tasks off a to-do list is essential to my mental health.

With all of that being said, today is July 1st and this marks the month that the Day Designer planner begins! This is how I’ll be using my planner this summer:

Meal Prepping

Okay, if you’ve been here for a while you know I am really into cooking and trying new recipes. In fact, I even enjoy trips to the grocery store to check out new items and fuel my creativity.

However, there is nothing worse than visiting a grocery store every single day and I try to avoid this as much as possible. One of my favorite daily features of the Day Designer is the dinner box section. Each Sunday I like to sit down and plan what my family will be having for dinner each night, and the following day I make my weekly trip to the store.

Reflecting with the Daily Gratitude Section

I think that daily reflection is something many people do not practice (myself included). I really love that each day page ends with a Daily Gratitude box that, even if unused, makes me think about the day that just passed. I can thank God for the blessings of the day, vow to do and try better at the tasks I failed in, and even examine my conscience.

In my faith, we believe that the examination of one’s conscience can forgive venial sin, and the Daily Gratitude section is a great reminder to do so.

Preparing for Next Season

Summer is such a relaxing time!

…until you remember that fall is upon us which means going back to school, going back to work (for us teachers), the holiday season is right around the corner, etc.

Since I got my Day Designer I have been slowly filling in the monthly pages. This fall we have weddings, showers, vacations planned, and even holiday parties already in the books. To me, it’s imperative to keep up with these plans even months in advance and Day Designer helps me do just that.

Overall, I am in love with my Day Designer and I am so glad that I can finally use it this month! If you’re interested in purchasing your own Day Designer to help keep your plans organized this season (and the next) use code “ANTOINETTE10” for 10% off your purchase at! Happy planning!

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