Spooky Podcasts I am Loving this Fall

Hello, ghouls! Although I know I am late to the game, I just recently began listening to podcasts. Honestly I was looking for something new to listen to in addition to my music playlists while running, walking, cooking, baking, driving, and even just completing daily tasks. If you have been on my blog before, you know I am a horror fan and autumn is my favorite season because it is finally socially acceptable to be spooky!

I wanted to share with everyone my favorite spooky podcasts that I have been loving this season. As always, if you have any suggestions to add to this list, please comment! I am always looking for something new.

The Podcasts…

“Halloween Unmasked” by The Ringer

Okay, I am so sad that I just decided to listen to this podcast. It is two years old this year! In all honesty, my best friend sent me this one last Halloween and I completely forgot about it. I finished it in four days. It was amazing. I am actually super upset that there are not more episodes! Basically “Halloween Unmasked” is a documentary podcast dedicated to the Halloween franchise and the various episodes talk about everything from the writing and directing of the films, the sequels, the social implications of the movies, the psychology of Micheal Myers, etc. Amy Nicholson does an excellent job as the host, and the interviews throughout are awesome. Anyone who is a fan of the Halloween franchise needs to check this one out.

“Serial Killers” by Parcast Network

This is another one recommended by a friend! Clearly my friends know me… I like this podcast few a few reasons. First, there are so many episodes. When I am really into listening I don’t have to stop. Second, each episode features a different serial killer and their profile. Maybe I am interested in learning more about “The Giggling Granny,” but want to skip the episodes on the “Hannibal Lecter of Sweden.” Audiences are given a lot of options here and I think that is just awesome. Also, this podcast is still running so every week listeners have something to look forward to!

“The Something Scary Podcast” by Studio71

Once again, this is another one recommended by a friend. I love “The Something Scary Podcast” because each episode are mini tales of folklore, urban legends, ghost stories, etc. I don’t know about anyone else, but there is something about short scary stories that I just find terrifying. In one episode the host, Markeia, tells the tale of the Grim Gouger and I remember just being absolutely on the edge of my seat! There is something so scary about being able to convert horror in 6-7 short minutes. Another thing I love about this podcast is that the stories being told are not just American. There are scary stories from India, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Japan, Africa, various tropical islands, and Mexico! How amazing is that?

“Cults” by Parcast Network

This is another one from Parcast Network that you will not want to miss! When I was an undergraduate student I had a slight obsession with cults and even took a few courses on them. Something about the charismatic leaders, the idea of cult mentality, and even the rituals fascinate me. With all that being said, I was so excited when I came across this podcast! Each episode is dedicated to a different cult from around the world and discusses their beliefs, history, rituals, leaders, etc. The thing I love about this podcast is that not only is it frightening, but kind of educational. I feel like I am actually learning something while I am listening and the inner nerd in me loves that!

“Dead Meat” by Chelsea Rebecca & James A. Janisse

This is one for serious horror fans (ahem, me!). If you’re interested in horror films or want to be more interested in them, definitely check out “Dead Meat.” Most episodes are dedicated to a different horror film that Rebecca and Janisse discuss, review, etc. Other episodes include interviews with directors, spooky tales, and analyses of horror trends. I really enjoyed listening to the episodes on the films Midsommar and The Lighthouse.

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