Autumn Wardrobe Must-Haves

In my opinion, autumn is the best season for style and fashion. It is a personal favorite of mine and I love all that fall fashion has to offer. My favorite part of the season is the ability to layer clothing and play around with fun accessories. I’ve decided to write a post about my favorite autumn wardrobe necessities and listed my top ten items below.

Chunky Sweaters

As Lana Del Rey sang, “You fit me better than my favorite sweater.” I would love to know who she is speaking about because nothing beats the perfect sweater! I have an array of sweaters in different colors that I rotate throughout the season. Not only are they cozy and warm for chilly days, but they look awesome layered. Try a collard shirt underneath for a preppy look. Not to mention, you can wear them with really any shoes. Going pumpkin picking? Wear duck boots. Going to lunch? Heeled booties are adorable. Curling up on the couch? Wear cozy socks. My favorite sweaters come from Kiel James Patrick. Not only are they great quality, American-made, and beautiful, but they are also autumnal themed!

Duck Boots

Speaking of duck boots… These are a necessity! I actually didn’t even own duck boots until I was in college and I have no idea how I survived without them. Besides being cute and outdoorsy, they are super practical and great for rainy or snowy days, pumpkin or apple picking, etc. They also last a while. These L. L. Bean boots are my favorite.

Cozy Hats

I have a thing for hats, especially fun berets. And beanies. And fedoras. And leopard skin pillbox hats. During the fall I wear a hat almost every day. Again, not only are they super cozy, but they are so stylish! I always find unique hats at Urban Outfitters.

A Long Camel Coat

This is another one of my favorite cold-season style must-haves. I just think that camel coats are so sophisticated. I always think of that Cake song: “I want a girl with a short skirt and a longggggggg jacket.” This piece can also be styled in a variety of different ways. One could wear a cute skirt or sweater underneath, pair it with a big scarf, or even wear a red plaid flannel and don a Judd-Nelson-Breakfast-Club look. The possibilities are endless! I’m obsessed with this coat at Nordstrom.

A Variety of Boots and Booties

Before you ask, yes: these are different than duck boots. I am also not suggesting that you own a thousand pair of boots (even though that is the dream). However, boots are an autumn staple and owning a few pairs of the basics are essential. Black or brown suede thigh-high boots, brown heeled booties, and flat brown leather boots (riding boots) pretty much cover all of your bases. Other honorable mentions are the combat boot, the sock boot, and boho western-styled booties.

Large Blanket Scarves

One of my favorite autumn looks is a very messy bun accompanied by an oversized blanket scarf wrapped around the neck. Of course, this look is not complete without a latte in hand, preferably a pumpkin spiced one. Regardless, big blanket scarves or other large chunky scarves are autumn essentials. As with most of the fall fashion items I have already named, these are both stylish and practical. When it’s cold, scarves are everything. One of my favorite places for scarves and accessories is Marleylilly or Urban Outfitters.

Loafers & Flats

Sometimes you don’t feel like wearing heels, heeled booties, or even flat riding boots. Maybe it’s a warmer day. This is why everyone should own stylish loafers or flats. My personal favorites are leopard print, snakeskin, and brown leather. They pretty much go with anything and the fun patters add a little something extra to your outfit.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are great because they are casual, stylish, comfortable, and easy to wear with boots. I hate struggling to tuck jeans into boots! That is literally one of my least favorite fashion issues. With skinny jeans you can slip long socks on over your pants and tuck them straight into boots. I prefer dark washed jeans with brown seams, but everyone should own a few different washes. You can really wear a good pair of jeans with anything, too, from heels to flats to boots, etc. I love these Lucky Brand skinny jeans.


The reason I like plaid is because it is so bright, colorful, and traditional. Plus, practically any article of clothing or accessory comes in plaid patterns. About two years ago I got a pair of Karl Lagerfeld Nara Plaid Ballet Flats and practically lived in them all season. I also love plaid blanket scarves, berets, skirts, and of course shirts! Remember above where I mentioned Marleylilly and their awesome scarves? This plaid monogrammed scarf is one of my favorites and I own several in a few different colors.

These are the Lagerfeld flats I was talking about! I’m still obsessed with them, haha!

Good Long Socks

This item of clothing may or may not even be seen. However, good socks are essential. Not only are they super cozy and warm on chilly days, but they need to be of good support if you’re wearing boots and don’t want your socks falling down into the leg of the boot. Also, if you’re wearing lower boots and want to show the socks above them, make sure they’re cute and stylish. My favorite socks are from Ralph Lauren. I just always have really good luck finding what I need there. I also find great quirky socks at places like Marshalls.

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