Grove Collaborative Haul

I have written about Grove Collaborative before, and still absolutely love the quality of their services and featured products! I wanted to write a brief review about what I received this month.

If you have never heard of Grove Collaborative, they are an online-based company that delivers various eco-friendly and safer house and home products. Personally, I love Grove because my family and I try to shop primarily organic when we can. This became especially true after we had our baby. I did not like the idea of toxins in any of the baby’s products and became dedicated to searching for healthier alternatives.

This was, yet again, another month where our subscription to Grove Collaborative was awesome. One of my favorite aspects of Grove is that everything is delivered right to our house. During this quarantine, having my house and home goods delivered is one less thing that I have to worry about.

What did I order?

First off, if you have never used products from Mrs. Meyers, you should. Secondly, if you have used Mrs. Meyers, have you tried any of the scents in their spring collection?! I ordered the rose scented collection, which included a dish soap, hand soap, room spray, and surface cleaner. Not only did I receive all of those fun goodies, but Grove sent me a free rose-decorated counter tray! It is so cute.

Beyond the Mrs. Meyer’s spring fling set, I also ordered Babyganics’ Benzocaine Free Gel Teething Pods. If you have babies who are teething, I highly recommend trying this product out. I do not know what magic these teething pods are made with, but our little guy literally stopped crying three minutes after we used the product on him. Not only do the gel pods seem to work wonders, but they are all-natural and have very few ingredients. The pack comes with applicators and pods, and is super convenient for travel. In addition to the gel pods by Babyganics, we also ordered their baby shampoo and body wash in Chamomile Verbena scent. It smells awesome and the bottle lasts a while.

While we are talking about body wash, I also ordered my husband Method men’s body wash in cedar and cypress scent.

In addition to those various soaps and washes, I also ordered some personal care. (If any guys are reading, you can probably just skim or skip this part altogether!) In my last blog post about Grove Collaborative, I talked about trying products from Cora. Last time I ordered individually wrapped body cloths for personal feminine use. I loved them so much that I ordered actual packages of the cloths to keep in my bathroom. Not only did I order the Cora body cloths, but I also wanted to give their organic tampons a try.

I have been very pleased by the quality of Cora’s products. Beyond that, I love the ethical nature of their company. For every purchase of a Cora product, Cora donated pads to women in need. I mean, how wonderful is that?

Lastly, Gove Collaborative was one of the last places that still had hand sanitizer in stock so I ordered a bottle of their hydrating hand sanitizer in blood orange scent. In addition to all that I ordered, Grove sent me two items for free with my purchases. The first was the counter tray I previously talked about, and the second item was a mint and argan lip balm.

And that’s my April Grove Collaborative Haul! I will list links below to all the products!

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