The Art of Self Care

After a long day of work or a tiring activity, I am the first one to curl up on the couch and binge watch one of my favorite television shows. There are few things as relaxing as a good glass of red wine or hot cup of tea accompanied by a warm blanket and a dog snuggling with you.

But are these attempts at treating yo self good? What exactly is self care, and how do we achieve it? Self care is supposed to be an activity to help one’s self — an activity to help one grow and maintain a healthy well-roundedness.

I’ve been thinking about self care a lot lately. So much has been happening in my life that is exhausting and self care has been a necessity. (This is not to say that I’m unhappy, just exhausted sometimes. Between planning a wedding, moving, and starting work again, is anyone surprised?)

Instead of munching on pizza while watching a Gilmore Girls marathon, I’ve began exploring new ways of self care. My favorites are yoga class, cleaning my room, and walking my dog. I also find organizing my agenda very relaxing.

This is not a regular blog post about how to do or cook something. Honestly it’s more of a plea to try out some new ways of taking care of yourself. After an evening of lounging on the couch, I rarely feel energized and motivated. I’m starting to look towards self care techniques that make me feel recharged.

What do y’all do to relax or recharge you batteries? I’d love to hear some recommendations!

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