Book Review: An Unwanted Guest

In keeping with my love of fall, I’ve been reading some new releases in the mystery category. I just finished Shari Lapena’s An Unwanted Guest.

I enjoyed the book very much. Lapena is known for The Couple Next Door, and I was excited to read something new by her. I can honestly say it was a genuine page turner that I literally finished in two days.

Essentially, the novel is was a modern adaptation of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. In fact, Christie’s novels and characters are alluded to throughout. I was half expecting the murderer to be David Paley, the attorney. That would have been parallel to Christie’s Justice Wargrave, but I was fooled!

I do refuse to tell you the twist at the end. I hate spoiling a good surprise, and this novel had a lot of them.

And the book had just about everything: thrilling scenes, sexy scenes, great dialogue, picturesque settings, etc. I also really loved the character development throughout the novel. So often mystery novels are cheesy and lack depth, but I really felt known to the characters. I sympathized and was sad for Beverly and Riley, was excited for Gwen, and was suspicious of Matthew.

I really recommend this book for anyone looking for an easy and thrilling page turner. The next book I am reading is Ohio by Stephen Markley. It’s not a mystery. However, I do love a good novel about America as it pertains to regionalism. Stay tuned.

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