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Falling for Autumn

It seems as though while everyone is dreading the end of summer I am wildly excited about the coming fall. I decided to share how I’m preparing for the season.

First things first, the reading list. Whenever someone talks about a reading list, more often than not they are referring to books only. Yes, there are books on my fall reading list, but there are some great magazines out there celebrating the coming season. I decided to pick up a copy of The Magnolia Journal and Food to Love magazine. Both had amazing recipes for all kinds of autumnal treats, such as homemade cinnamon donuts.

Time to get spooky.

I found a great recipe in Food to Love for an orange marmalade almond twist that I tried out. It was not that difficult to make, nor time consuming, and so delicious. I posted my pic below:

This was absolutely amazing, easy, and beautiful. *Pro tip: If you’re not a huge fan of orange marmalade, substitute it for a simple powdered sugar glaze*

Also on my fall reading list is Ruth Ware’s The Woman in Cabin 10 and Jennifer McMahon’s The Winter People. I also included a cozy mystery, Death by Pumpkin Spice, by Alex Erickson. I don’t think anything can get you into the fall feel like a cheesy murder mystery, and they’re such quick reads! If you’re not really into contemporary literature, your list definitely will not suffer. I recommend checking out Mary Shelley or Agatha Christie. I wrote about Shelley and Christie here if you’re interested.

Second, the scents. I love candles. And soaps. And body sprays. And lotions. Oh my. I picked up Yankee Candle’s “sugar and spice” scent and “autumn wreath.” They really are my favorite and are aromatic for a very long time. However, Yankee Candles can be pricey. I also picked up a white pumpkin scented candle from Everyday Luxe at TJ Maxx for like $8. Its jar is really pretty, too, and trimmed with copper.

TJ Maxx and Marshalls always have great finds at a fraction of the cost. While at TJ Maxx I also picked up a huge glass jar soap dispenser from Garrison + Home filled with pumpkin pie spice scented soap for only $7. I love it because its amber-colored vintage glass and I can keep refilling it.

Bath and Bodyworks is honestly a weakness of mine. My favorite scent by them is champagne apple honey, and it’s finally back in stock! So obviously I picked some up.

Next is my fall makeup palette. I love darker colors and fall is a great time to rock some rich reds and deep purples. I just picked up a matte liquid lipstick in “plum queen” by Dose of Colors at Ulta. It’s so pretty and stays on all day. I pair that with Essie’s “lacy not racy.” They go really beautifully together and really pop.

I’ve also been obsessed with coppers and golds lately and they’re great for fall. I originally got a sample size in an Ipsy Bag, and ever since I’ve been in love with Sahi’s cream metallic eyeshadow. The color “doha” is so pigmented and literally looks like gold leaf when you wear it.

Well, I’m ready for fall. I hope this post inspires you all, too!

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